Used Cars Rapid City Sd – Car #1: 1976 Skylark S/R Exterior

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Used Cars Rapid City Sd

In the summer of 1979 (between junior and senior year) I tried to buy a cherry 1969 Cougar convertible off a salesman at Rapid City’s Lincoln-Mercury dealership. Because I was under 18, they checked w/my parents to see if it was OK.

Dad: “Sure!” Mom: “Hell no!”

*Much “interesting” dialog w/parents*

The result: My folks, who were pals with the couple who owned Breckus Buick/Honda bought a lightly used yellow w/tan interior edition of this & gave it to me, along with a lecture on the dangers of ragtops with big engines. At the time it was only three years old, so I took the smart road and zipped my lip.

With the V-6 it was … well, not a rocket. And it had a tendency to pick up rust outside of western So Dak, which used sand instead of road salt. But by ’79 standards it was a fairly sweet ride.